Advance API Overview

The HotDocs Advance API provides you with an interface to integrate Advance functionality into your own applications. For example, you can use the Advance API to embed HotDocs interviews in your own application.

The following documentation provides a guide to the key concepts and tasks you need when using the API.


The HotDocs Advance API gives you access to Advance functionality, enabling you to integrate HotDocs features with your own applications.

Using the API, you can create, edit, and delete Advance resources (e.g. work items, users, work groups), as well as retrieving data about the resources that exist in Advance. Typical use-cases for the API include:

  • Embedding a HotDocs interview in your own application
  • Creating new work items, using data from your own application to pre-populate the HotDocs interview
  • Retrieving details of all new work items created during a particular time-frame

HotDocs Advance Web API is based on REST, with resource endpoints. The API uses standard HTTP verbs and response codes and returns JSON responses.

Authentication is required through authorization flows and the creation of clients with credentials.

Getting started

API Documentation

You can view the latest documentation for the Advance API at