Adding Images to a Document

You can add an image to a document using Advance's image upload feature during an interview. If a template asks for an image, you select an image on your computer and upload it to Advance. Advance inserts the image to the assembled document.


  • The template used for the work item must ask an Image variable.
  • Image variables are only supported in DOCX templates.
  • The default maximum file size for images is 10MB.
  • JPEG and PNG file formats are supported.

You can create a work item with an initial set of answers using either an answer file or an answer package. Uploading image values is only supported in answer packages. If you upload an answer file which includes images, the Image variables will show as unanswered.

To upload an image file from your computer to an interview

  1. In the interview, in the image variable, click Select image.
  2. Navigate to the image file you want to upload.
  3. Select the image file.
  4. Click Open.

Advance uploads the image to the interview. Advance displays the file name and a thumbnail preview of the uploaded image.

Should you want to replace the image, click Remove and repeat the upload process with a different file.