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Creating a User

Note: if you are using Active Directory to manage users, see Importing user groups from Active Directory. You cannot create individual user accounts in an Active Directory tenancy.

You can create a new user account in the Administration section of HotDocs Advance.

To create a new user

  1. In the Administration section, click Manage users Manage users.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Create Create new user.
  3. Enter the following user details:
    • First name (required)the user's first name.
    • Last name (required) – the user's last name.
    • Email address (required) – used to e-mail a user with password reset instructions.
    • Administrative roles (optional) if appropriate, select the administrative role to assign to the user.
    • User active – if disabled, users cannot log in to Advance.
    • Send invitation email – by default, Advance sends e-mails to new users, inviting them to log into the site; if you do not send the e-mail now, you can re-send the user invitation e-mail later.
  4. Click Create.

The new user appears in the User list.