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Creating a Work Group

You can create a new work group in the Administration section of HotDocs Advance.

You must have a Site Administrator or Content Administrator role to create a new work group.

To create a work group

  1. In the Administration section, click Manage Work GroupsManage work groups.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Create new work groupCreate new work group.
  3. Enter the following work group details:
    • (Required) Name  the work group's name.
    • (Optional) Description — a description of the work group.
    • (Optional) Set default answers template — select a template to use as the default answer set interview in the work group.
    • Active status — either Active or Inactive; users cannot access inactive work groups.
    • Templates status — toggle the templates used by the work group. Either:
      • Work group contains all templates (default) – all templates uploaded to the Advance site are included in the work group
      • Work group contains selected templates – only the templates selected in the Templates tab are included in the work group
    • (Optional) Templates — select templates to include in the work group; you cannot select templates if you selected the Work group contains selected templates option for the All Templates status.
    • (Optional) Access permissions — assign user groups access to the work group. Users in the selected user groups can assemble the templates selected above.
    • Workflows — toggle the work group's use of workflows on work items. Either:
      • Work items don't use a workflow (default) – work items in the work group do not use workflows
      • Work items use a workflow – work items in the work group do use workflows
  4. Click Create.

The new group appears in the Work groups list.

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