Resuming a Saved Assembly Session

If you have already saved an assembly session, you can resume the session by making a request to the begin assembly session endpoint.


Before making a 'resume assembly session' request, you must have an access token to sign the request. You can retrieve an access token using one of the following flows:

Additionally, you must have the following items:


The 'resume assembly session' API method is a command method. The API client invoking this method must have either a command or a root scope.

This method is useful when you want to enable a user to return to the last saved state of their interview.

This method forces a new assembly session to be created, loading the last saved answers into the interview.

This method will force a new assembly session to be created, abandoning any unsaved changes to the interview.


See Authentication for more information about authenticating requests to the Advance API.

API Documentation

You can view the latest documentation for the Advance API at


Request URL

PUT https://{tenancymoniker}{id}/Versions/{versionId}


Key Required Description Example value
Authorization Yes The Authorization header for the request. Uses the access token retrieved (see Prerequisites section above for more information). Bearer [access token]


Name Type Location Required Description
tenancymoniker String URL Yes The tenancy moniker for the tenancy in which you want to create the new work item.
id Guid URL Yes The Guid for an existing work item.
versionId Guid URL Yes A new Guid for an assembly session.
answerXml String Body No You must omit this parameter; Advance will reload the answers from your saved assembly session into the resumed assembly session.
forceCreate Boolean Body Yes You must set this parameter to true.


Example Request URL

Example Request JSON

{"answerXml": "string", "forceCreate": true}

Example Response

Status: 200 OK