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Uploading a Template from HotDocs Author

When you upload a HotDocs template, HotDocs packages your template (or templates) with any auxiliary templates or other needed files, then uploads your template package to HotDocs Advance.


To upload a template

  1. Working in HotDocs Author, Open a workspace.
  2. Select a template (or templates).
  3. In the right pane, click Upload.
  4. If you are prompted, type your Advance username and password, and click the Log in button.
  5. (Optional) Type a comment into the field and click Continue; the comment is an explanatory note for the new template version.
  6. Once you successfully upload a template, click Continue to open HotDocs Advance in your web browser; your template appears in the templates list.

After you successfully upload your template, follow the next steps below to make the template accessible to your users.

Next steps