Watching Work Items Overview

Watching work items enables you to track the changes users make to work items. You can then receive email notifications when a user updates or interacts with a work item you watch.

For example, you may want Advance to notify you when a client (or an external user) completes an interview. When you watch a work item, Advance notifies you when an external user completes a client interview on the work item.


Watching work items enables users to receive email notifications when another user updates a work item. This is useful as it enables Advance to notify you on the current state of a work item. For example, you might want to know exactly when documents are assembled on a specific work item. Once Advance notifies you of a new work item version, you can then access and review any assembled documents.

Advance notifies you when the following changes occur: 

When Advance notifies you with an update to a work item you watch, the email displays a link to the work item directing you to straight to Advance. This enables you to view the changes immediately after you login to Advance.


Navigate to the Work groups section and select a work group. Select a work item and click Watch. Once completed, you will receive email notifications when users update the work item. 

To stop receiving notifications for a work item, select the watched work item and click Unwatch.