Configuring the Assembly Service CORS Headers

If you install the HotDocs Core Assembly Service on a domain different to the one on which HotDocs Advance is installed, you must complete some additional configuration steps.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing and HotDocs Core Assembly Service files

HotDocs Advance requires the HotDocs Server interview runtime files to display interviews. If HotDocs Server is installed under a different domain than the domain under which Advance is installed, it can cause errors when attempting to load the runtime files, which will result in Advance being unable to load the interview. To stop the errors from occurring, you must configure HotDocs Server to allow GET requests from other domains, using the configuration settings below.

To configure HotDocs Core Assembly Service to serve files

On the server where HotDocs Server is installed:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Right-click the AssemblyService application
  3. Select Explore.
  4. Edit the web.config file in a text editor application.
  5. Edit the value for the CorsOrigin application setting, changing it to: https://localhost:44100
  6. Save your changes to the web.config file.

Next Step

Configure the Core Assembly Service Application Pool