Connecting to an External Data Source Using the Custom Interview Event Webhook

You use the Custom Interview Event webhook to connect to external data sources. When a user interacts with the interview, Advance sends a notification to an endpoint you specify to retrieve a set of answers. Advance then overlays these answers into the interview.

Note: only users with the Integration Administrator user role can manage webhooks.


Alongside the prerequisites for creating a webhook, the Custom Interview webhook has the following additional prerequisites:

  • you must know the name of the linked variable used in the dialog element, as the Interview Event Name.
  • a set of JSON answers hosted on a server which accepts GET requests.
  • the answer JSON you supply must match the variable names and structure of the template.

To connect to an external data source using the Custom Interview Event webhook

  1. Create a webhook of the type CustomInterviewEvent and enter the required details.
  2. In the Interview Event Name field, ensure you specify the name of the linked variable from the Author template.

The Event Name is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as it appears in the template's component file.

  1. Click Create.

The webhook is connected.

The user then creates a work item using the template containing the Interview Event dialog element. When the user interacts with the link or button in the interview, Advance will retrieve and overlay the answer data from the Url you supply. The user then proceeds with the interview as normal.

As part of the GET request, Advance sends the user context data for the template.