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Renaming a Work Item

Once you create a work item, you can edit the name of the work item.

You can only rename a work item if you are the owner of the work item or an administrator.

To rename a work item

  1. Select a Work group from the Work groups section.
  2. In the Work Items list, select the Work item you want to rename.
  3. In the Details pane, click ResumeEdit.
  4. Type the new name in the Name field.
  5. Click Save changes.

The work item's name updates to the new name. The Updated date changes to A few seconds ago, to reflect the time of the update.

Restrictions on work item names

You cannot create or edit a work item so that its name contains only whitespace characters. For example, spaces, tabs, next line characters, and so on. Whitespace characters at the beginning and end of a work item name are not removed when saving a name.