Metrics Gathering

HotDocs uses an integration with Pendo to gather anonymized data on usage of HotDocs Advance. Tracking these metrics informs user research and helps deliver improvements to the overall HotDocs experience. During installation or upgrade, HotDocs Advance prompts you to enable metrics gathering.

Metrics Gathered

If you enable metrics gathering in your Advance installation, Pendo tracks data on how the application is used. The data collected is anonymized and analysed to understand how customers engage with HotDocs Advance. No personal or confidential data is collected; document content, answer sets or answers entered during interview are never accessed. 

Some examples of the type of actions tracked might include:

  • count each time a user starts a session on HotDocs Advance.
  • count each time an interview is loaded.
  • register the version of HotDocs Advance being used.
  • determine whether a template was created in HotDocs Author or HotDocs Developer. 

This list is not exhaustive, but intended as a guide to illustrate the type of data Pendo captures.

If you choose not to enable metrics, data is not tracked by Pendo.

Accepting Metrics Gathering

You can choose whether to accept metrics gathering when installing or upgrading Advance, and on installing or upgrading the Client Interviews application.  

To accept or decline metrics gathering , key in Y/N where prompted during installation.

During silent installation, use the installer commands to enable metrics gathering without being prompted.