Regenerating an HMAC Secret

Note: only users with the Site Administrator or Integration Administrator user role can manage webhooks.

You can change the HMAC secret of your HMAC configured webhooks by regenerating an HMAC secret in the details pane of your webhooks.

To regenerate an HMAC secret

  1. In the Administration section, click Manage webhooks
  2. From the list of web hooks, select the webhook for which you wish to regenerate an HMAC secret.
  3. In the Details pane, click ResumeEdit.
  4. Click Regenerate an HMAC secret.
  5. In the Your HMAC secret window, click  to copy your HMAC secret.
  6. Select the checkbox to agree to the terms of the HMAC secret.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Click Save changes.

Your new HMAC secret will be saved to your clipboard. You should save the secret in a secure place, ready for use in your own applications.

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If you change the HMAC secret of your HMAC configured webhooks, you should update the secret in your own application to ensure your implementation matches Advance.

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