Saving Assembled Documents to iManage Work

HotDocs Advance is an iManage Universal Application. You can save assembled documents and answer files to your organization's iManage Work application.


To save assembled documents to iManage Work

In the Work groups section:

  1. Select a work group.
  2. In the list pane, select a work item.
  3. In the work item details pane, navigate to iManage.
  4. Click Save to iManage.
  5. Check the documents and/or answer files you want to save to iManage.
  6. Click Select Save Location.
  7. A window opens, you may be asked to authenticate with iManage.
  8. In iManage, select the folder you want to save your documents to.
  9. In the lower-right of the iManage window, Click Select.
  10. Click Save.

Your assembled documents and answer files are saved to iManage Work.

If post-assembly processing is in progress, the Save to iManage link will not be displayed in the work item details pane

Please ensure your browser settings are set to Allow all cookies to display your iManage application correctly.

To disable Prevent cross-site tracking in Safari

If you use Safari, you must ensure the Prevent cross-site tracking option is disabled. This enables iManage to send a cookie to Advance to authenticate your access to iManage.

In the Safari browser:

  1. In the upper-left drop down menu, Select Preferences.
  2. Select Privacy.
  3. In the Website Tracking section, deselect the Prevent cross-site tracking option.