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ADD Instruction

The ADD instruction enables you to add rows of data to a Table variable.

The ADD instruction model is only available in Component Studio when you are creating a computation.

Before you can add new rows to a Table variable, you first must clear the existing rows using a CLEAR instruction. Once the rows are empty, you can use the ADD instruction to add the new rows.

Instruction name Model After you drag and drop the model into the script tab:
ADD ADD ⟦RECORD⟧ TO ⟦TABLE_VAR⟧ Replace ⟦RECORD⟧ with a Record that contains the data you want to add to the Table variable. Replace ⟦TABLE_VAR⟧ with the Table variable whose options you want to manipulate.


The ADD instruction is useful for when you want to present a table to the template user that is populated with information gathered from earlier questions in the interview. For example, assume you want to ask for the client's name early in the interview (using a Text variable named Client Name), then ask information about the client's family (using a repeated dialog named Children Dialog that repeats a Text variable named Child Name), and later in the interview ask information about the client's attorney (using a Text variable named Attorney Info). Finally, toward the end of the interview, you want the user to be able to select from a list of all persons previously entered (such as which persons the client wants to grant power of attorney) using a Multi Select variable with a Table variable named Power of Attorney List as its option source. To achieve this, you will need to use the ADD instruction in a Computation, where the script looks like the following:

CLEAR Power of Attorney List

ADD {Name:Client Name} TO Power of Attorney List

REPEAT Children Dialog

ADD {Name:Child Name} TO Power of Attorney List


ADD {Name:Attorney Info} TO Power of Attorney List