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Adding a Placeholder Field for an Other Expression

When you're editing a template, you use the HotDocs Field Editor to add a placeholder field to the template to reference an (other) expression.

To add a placeholder field for an Other Expression

  1. Open a template.
  2. Select the text you want to replace, or position the cursor where you want to add a placeholder field for the other expression.
  3. In the HotDocs Field Editor, from the Action list, select Add a placeholder.
  4. In the Placeholder type list, click More; then in the Computed values group, click Other Expression.
  5. In the Expression field, type the one-line expression or instruction here you want to add to the template.
  6. (Optional) Expand Advanced properties to edit further properties.

If you selected existing text when adding a placeholder field, you can select the Replace Multiple check box to display the replace options.

  1. Click Add Field.