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Copying a Template

If you need to reuse a template in different scenarios, and you want to adapt the content to a different purpose, you can copy the template. 

All HotDocs templates have a component file, .cmp, associated with them. When copying a template, you can choose whether to use the current component file or create a copy. If you use the current component file, any changes you make to components will affect all templates using that component file. When you open templates that share a component file for editing at the same time, those templates to also share a Component Studio window.

To copy a template

  1. Open the workspace that contains the template you want to copy.
  2. In the left pane of the Workspace Explorer, select the template you want to copy.

    Ensure no part of the template you wish to copy is open for editing. If so, close the template and its related files.

  3. Either:
    • Right-click and select Copy template, or
    • In the right pane of Workspace Explorer, click Copy.
  4. In the Copy Template window, enter:
    1. File name - must not be the same as an existing file name
    2. Title
    3. (Optional) Description
    4. Choose whether to copy the current component file
  5. Click OK.

HotDocs creates a copy of the template in your workspace.