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Creating a New Template from Selected Content

In HotDocs Author, you can select content in your current HotDocs template and turn that content into an auxiliary template that you reference using a placeholder field.

You cannot do this within tables or text boxes.

To create a new template from your current selection

  1. In the template, select all the content you want to use in your new template..
  1. In the HotDocs Field Editor, under Action, click Add a Placeholder.
  2. Under External files, click Auxiliary template.
  3. In the Template File Name field, type a name that does not correspond to an existing template.
  4. (Optionally) Click Template Properties to edit the properties for this new template.
  5. Click Add Field. HotDocs places the selected content in a new template and adds a placeholder field in your template that references the new auxiliary template.