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Creating a Prompt for a Variable

During the interview, if you want to provide the template user with more information than the default variable name or title, you can create a prompt to help guide the user when they fill in the answer.

To create a prompt for a variable

  1. Open Component Studio, and from the components list, select a variable.
  2. In the Prompt field of the Display tab, type the information about the variable you want the user to see during the interview.

You can make HotDocs show only an answer field—with no prompt or variable name—in the interview. To do this, type NONE in the Prompt field.

When you group variables in a dialog, you can specify the visual relationship between variable prompts and answer fields by choosing a prompt position and alignment from the Display tab of the Dialog Editor.

You can include a variable in the Prompt field, which places the user's answer into the prompt during the interview.