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Creating a Text Dialog Element

You can use a text dialog element to add text to a dialog and guide the user in answering questions.

To create a text dialog element

  1. Open Component Studio.
  2. From the components list, open a dialog for editing.
  3. In the Contents and Layouts tab, at the bottom of the component editor, click the abc icon.

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  4. The following steps are optional:
    • (Optional) In the Name field, type a different name for the new dialog element.
    • (Optional) In the Text field, type the text you want to display on a dialog.

For convenience, as you enter text into the Text field, the Text dialog element name automatically updates.

  1. (Optional) For spreadsheet dialogs, select when you want the dialog element to display text:
    • All views of the dialog – Text displays on both spreadsheet view and in edit row view
    • Spreadsheet view only – Text only displays when viewing the dialog as a spreadsheet
    • Edit Row view only – Text only displays when viewing the pop-up interview for a specific row of the spreadsheet
  1. Click OK.