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Creating an Interview Event Dialog Element

You use an interview event dialog element to add a button or hyperlink to a dialog to connect to an external data source in a HotDocs Advance interview. You can also pass data from the interview to a JavaScript function in your own application. This may be useful if you wish to display a list of answer options or overlay a set of answers.

To create an interview event dialog element

  1. Open Component Studio.
  2. From the components list, open a dialog for editing.
  3. In the Contents and Layouts tab, at the bottom of the component editor, click the interview event dialog element icon.

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  4. In the Event Name field, type a name for the new dialog element.
  5. Use the Variable Type drop-down to select a variable type.
  1. Use the Linked Variable drop-down to select a variable from the dialog.
  2. Use the Type drop-down to select how the link is displayed:
    • Button – A grey button with squared edges containing the text or image selected below. Use the Size fields to set the button's size. The first box sets width, and the second height.

Images in buttons are cropped to button size.

    • Hyperlink – The chosen text formatted in as a hyperlink (blue and underlined) or the chosen image displayed without border.
  1. Choose either:
    • Text - type the text you want to display on the dialog in a button or as a hyperlink
    • Image - use the Browse button to add the image you want to display on the dialog in a button or as a hyperlink
  1. Click OK.

Next steps:

Working in HotDocs Advance, create a custom interview event webhook