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Creating and Using Parameters

You can use parameters to pass data values external to your computation into your computation script; parameters thus enable you to reuse a given computation with different sets of external values, in different contexts.

To create a computation variable that accepts a parameter

  1. Open the Computation Editor for the computation you wish to use your parameter in.
  2. In the Script tab, click the Add parameter button located below the name field.
  3. In the New Parameter dialog, enter a name for the parameter, select a type of variable the parameter will represent from the drop down list, and click OK.
  4. The parameter is now listed in the Parameters section of the Computation Editor, enabling you to drag and drop the parameter into the script as necessary.

You can reorder (or remove) a parameter from the Parameters list by right clicking on a parameter and selecting the operation from the menu.

To use this computation variable from another computation or script

  1. Open the Computation Editor for the computation from which you wish to use your computation with parameters.
  2. In the Components tab of the tools pane, drag and drop your computation with parameters into the script. HotDocs will automatically generate placeholders for each of the parameters required by the computation.
  3. Drag and drop variables or values to replace the placeholders as you would do when replacing placeholders for the system expression models.