Custom Date Formats

A custom date format is a field property (or Date variable property) you can create and use to define the pattern HotDocs uses to format calendar dates in assembled documents.

Case-sensitivity in custom date formats all operate the same way—if the first character of the date format is uppercase and the second is lowercase, then the first letter of the formatted value is uppercase and all the rest are lowercase. If the first and second characters of the format are uppercase, then the entire formatted value is uppercase.

Building Blocks of Custom Date Formats

The following building blocks can be used to create custom date formats:

Building Block Description Example Usage Example Formatted Answer
d Numeric day d 1
dd Two-digit numeric day dd 01
ddd Case-sensitive weekday abbreviation ddd, Ddd, DDD fri, Fri, FRI
dddd Case-sensitive spelled-out weekday dddd, Dddd, DDDD friday, Friday, FRIDAY
dth Case-sensitive numeric ordinal day dth, dTH 1st, 1ST
dy Case-sensitive spelled-out day dy, Dy, DY first, First, FIRST
m Numeric month m 1
mm Two-digit numeric month mm 01
mmm Case-sensitive month abbreviation mmm, Mmm, MMM jan, Jan, JAN
mmmm Case-sensitive spelled-out month mmmm, Mmmm, MMMM january, January, JANUARY
y Numeric year y 2016
yy Two-digit numeric year yy 16
yyyy Four-digit numeric year yyyy 2016
yr Case-sensitive spelled-out year yr, Yr, YR two thousand sixteen, Two Thousand Sixteen, TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN

Custom Date Format Examples

The following are some custom date format examples that use the building blocks from the table above:

Custom Date Format Example How the Answer is Formatted
d/m/yy 1/1/16
dd/mm/yy 01/01/16
dth day of Mmm 1st day of Jan
dy day of the month first day of the month
Mmmm, yyyy January, 2016
Mmm yyyy Jan 2016
Yr Two Thousand Sixteen
Ddd, dd/mm/yy Fri, 01/01/16
Dddd, Mmm dth Friday, Jan 1st