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Deleting a Component

If you find a component no longer meets your needs, you can delete the component from your template's component file using Component Studio.

To delete a component

  1. Open Component Studio.
  2. In the Components pane, click on the component (or components) you want to delete.
  3. In the component tool bar at the top of the component editor, click Delete.
  4. Ensure that you no longer require the component in any of the templates listed (if any), then click OK.

After deletion, you may need to test and fix some of the templates and components listed in the Delete Components dialog box. You may find it useful to make a copy of the list before clicking OK. You can use the error panel in Component Studio and the Field Editor to jump to where your template errors are.

When you select a component in the component list, you can use the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the component. Alternatively you can right-click on a component in the component list to access Delete in the context menu.