Importing Templates into HotDocs Author

You can import the following types of templates into HotDocs Author:

  • Classic DOCX and plain text (.ttx) templates (with some caveats)
  • Classic component files (.cmp) (with some caveats)
  • Classic interview templates (appear in Author post-import as answer intakes)
  • Templates from other HotDocs Author workspaces

Before attempting to import a template created with a version of HotDocs previous to HotDocs Developer 11, you must first convert that template to work with Developer 11 (you must use HotDocs Developer 11 to make this conversion).

To Import a Template into HotDocs Author:

  1. In Workspace Explorer, click Import.

    add image in final docs

  2. Select which type of template you want to import.

Before attempting to import a template from any previous version of HotDocs, you should first read through the importing caveats to confirm that your template can successfully import into HotDocs Author.

  1. Click Browse
  2. Select the file or files you want to import, then click Open.

 When you import a template, HotDocs also imports any dependent images or templates.

Following an import attempt, HotDocs opens the Template Import Window containing an import report. If the import is successful, HotDocs copies the template into the workspace from which you started the import.