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OTHER Function

The OTHER function evaluates whether the template user selected the Other option (or typed in their own answer) in a Text variable with answer suggestions.

The text returned by this function can be useful in a couple of different ways, such as a condition for an IF statement or for directly merging into the output document. Replace t:TEXT with a Text variable with answer suggestions. 

Function name OTHER
Model OTHER ( t:TEXT )
Parameters: The OTHER function requires you to replace only one parameter:


The function evaluates whether the user has selected "Other" (or typed in their own answer).
Result A text value


For example, a template user is given a list of lending agents to choose from. If the user does not see the correct name on the list, they can select "Other" and specify the correct name. HotDocs then asks for the city in which the lending agent operates, as shown in the following script:

IF Lending Agent = OTHER(Lending Agent)

ASK Lending Agent City