POWER Function

The POWER function returns a number that is the result of calculating the first number value you specify to the power of the second number value you specify.

This function is one of Author's Mathematical Functions and Operators, which are useful for performing various calculations.

Function name POWER
Usage model POWER ( base:NUM, exponent:NUM ) 
Parameters This function requires you to replace two parameters:

base: NUM

The function raises this number value to the value of exponent: NUM.

exponent: NUM

The function raises base: NUM to this number value.
Result A number value.


For example, say you want to calculate the future value of an investment:

POWER ( ( 1 + Annual Rate of Return ), Number of Years ) * Amount Invested

HotDocs adds 1 to Annual Rate of Return and then raises it to the power of Number of Years. It then multiplies that number by Amount Invested.