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Rename Components Dialog Box

The Rename Components dialog box enables you to rename multiple components at once using either a text box or (if renaming multiple components) a Find and Replace feature.

You open the Rename components dialog box from Component Studio by first selecting components from the main component list and in the component editor's tollbar and clicking the Rename button.  

Common Tasks

Among others, the Rename Components dialog box enables you to perform the following common tasks:

Rename Components Dialog Box

A number of elements are contained in the dialog box, some displaying different information and others making different actions available:

Element What it Does
Selected components Displays a list of the icons and current names for every component you select.
New component names Enables you to type the new names for the components you select. Initially, displays the current component names.
Error icon Indicates the new component name is invalid and,displays a tooltip explaining the error.  
Error text Describes the error for the new component name at the topmost position in the new component names list.
Replace in component names (Available when renaming more than one component.) Enables you to search the text in the New Component Name text boxes above for the text you type into the Find box and replace it with any text you type into the Replace With box. As you type text into the Find box, any search results will be highlighted in the text in the new components name box.

The text you type into the Find and Replace With boxes is case sensitive.

Update references to renamed components in If applicable, displays a list of components and templates (such as dialogs and computations) that the components you are renaming are used in and provides you check boxes that enable you to choose if you want to rename the components in those locations as well.