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Renaming a Template

If you need to update or repurpose a template in different scenarios, and you want to the template's name to reflect that purpose, you can rename the template.

When renaming a template, by default HotDocs updates references to the new template name. For example, if your template is used as an auxiliary template in another template, the reference in that template is updated to the new name.

All HotDocs templates have a component file, .cmp, associated with them. When renaming a template, you can choose to rename the component file to match the new template file name.

To rename a template

  1. Open the workspace that contains the template you want to rename.
  2. In the left pane of the Workspace Explorer, select the template you want to rename.

    Ensure no part of the template you wish to rename is open for editing. If so, close the template and its related files.

  3. Either:
    • Right-click and select Rename template, or
    • In the right pane of Workspace Explorer, click Rename.
  4. In the Rename Template window, enter:
    1. File name - must not be the same as an existing file name. The file type should remain the same.

    You should limit your template file names to 100 characters or less.

    1. Template title.
    2. Template description.
    3. Rename component file - Choose whether to rename the associated component file to match the template file.
    4. Update references - Choose whether to update references - doing this updates references to ASSEMBLE, INSERT, auxiliary files and other references in the current workspace.
    5. Click OK.

If your template is referenced in a number of other templates, HotDocs recommends you restart Author to allow the references to update.

HotDocs renames the template in your workspace.