The TEXT CONTAINS TEXT operator returns a value of true if the first text value CONTAINS the second text value.

You can use this operator, which returns a true/false value, as a condition for IF statements.

Operator Model After you drag and drop the model into the script tab: Expression returns:
CONTAINS ⟦TEXT⟧ CONTAINS ⟦TEXT⟧  Replace the first ⟦TEXT⟧ placeholder with the text that you want checked. Replace the second ⟦TEXT⟧ placeholder with the pattern you are checking for. A true/false value.


Assume you have a template that uses serial numbers for parts that has different sections to identify things about the part, a prefix and suffix denoting different things. For example, you can use the TEXT CONTAINS TEXT operator to check the serial number for a particular pattern:

IF SerialNumberTE CONTAINS "X17N"

Please note, when using the NOT modifier, parentheses are required:

IF (NOT SerialNumberTE CONTAINS "X17N")