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Testing a Template

Performing a test allows you to check that the elements of the template work as you expect them to, so you can fix issues as you go.

To Test a Template

  1. Open a template for editing.
  2. For DOCX templates, in the HotDocs Author tab of the Word ribbon, in the Template group, click Test. For answer intakes and plain text templates, in HotDocs Composer, in the Template group, click Test.

    You can use existing answer files to populate the interview by clicking Open Answers and selecting the appropriate answer file.

  3. As you answer the questions in each dialog, click Next to advance to each new dialog or use the left panel to navigate the interview.

    You can also advance to the next dialog by pressing Alt+N or Page Down on the keyboard.

  4. To finish the interview, click Finish on the last dialog. You are then presented with an End of Interview dialog. If you haven't answered all the questions, a warning message appears.
  5. The End of Interview dialog box enables you to do the following:
    • Download the assembled documents by clicking the file name
    • View a warning message if you have expected data points missing (which may be due to answers been omitted in the interview)
    • Go back to the interview by clicking Return to Interview
    • If applicable, continue to any other interviews by clicking Proceed to Next Interview (or Proceed Anyway if there are any warnings)
  6. (Optional) At any point while working in the test interview window, you can see how the assembled document would look by clicking the Document Preview tab. 
  7. (Optional) You can save the interview answers to your local machine for use in future testing of templates and answer intakes by clicking Save Answers.


Problem: The template cannot be tested because it contains errors

You must resolve errors before you can test a template.

Solution: Resolve errors

  1. Go to the error:
    • In the HotDocs Field Editor pane, open the Error pane and click Go To Error.
  2. Repeat the above steps until your template is free of errors.