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Using Fast Field Insertion to Add a Placeholder Field for a Variable

If you have a group of pre-existing variables you want to reference in your template, you can add placeholder fields to your template using the Fast Field Insertion tool much more quickly than you can using the HotDocs Field Editor method.


To add variables to your template using fast field insertion

  1. Open a template for editing.
  2. Place your cursor within the template where you want to add the variable, then press the keyboard shortcut (the default is Ctrl+. ) that causes the Fast Field Insertion tool to appear.

If you have not yet created any variables for the current template, when you press the keyboard shortcut, only the search box appears.

  1. Either:
    • Click to select the variable in the drop-down list you want to insert; then press the ENTER key.
    • In the search box, begin typing.
      1. As you type, HotDocs filters the list based on the characters you type, and highlights those characters in the variable names at the same time. The filter displays only those variables with the characters you type. When the variable you want appears, press the Tab key to move the focus from the search box to the list.

If only a single variable appears in the list, you can press the ENTER key without pressing the Tab key to add the placeholder field.

      1. As necessary, use the down arrow key to select the variable you want to add.
      2. Press the ENTER key on your keyboard.

HotDocs adds the variable at your cursor location.