HotDocs Cloud Services

HotDocs Cloud Services is a hosted document generation platform designed for enterprises that want advanced document generation technology without the upfront cost and upkeep of on-premises solutions. Cloud Services runs in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and provides state-of-the art data security and on-demand document generation in any modern browser on any device from within the context of any standards-compliant web application capable of making web service calls. Subscribers to Cloud Services can leverage HotDocs content and take advantage of hosted interview and document assembly capabilities.

Key Benefits of HotDocs Cloud Services

  • Make document generation features available in your application.

Cloud Services exposes web services to provide your application with the ability to present HotDocs interviews in a web browser and generate (or "assemble") documents based on the results of those interviews, all without requiring custom software to be installed either on your users' desktops or in your server room. You can also query the service for metadata about HotDocs templates.

  • Handle HotDocs templates in easy-to-manage packages

HotDocs templates can rely on many different files to function – component files, graphics, and even other templates. HotDocs Developer can bundle all of these files into compressed template packages for use with Cloud Services. These packages are then uploaded to your application where they are stored and managed.

  • Transmit all information securely

No sensitive user data (answer files or documents) are persisted in HotDocs Cloud Services, and all communication between your application and HotDocs Cloud Services takes place over HTTPS, so sensitive data is always protected. In addition, each subscriber is issued a key used to further secure communications. Each web service call must be signed, and the HotDocs templates cached by Cloud Services are encrypted with subscriber-specific keys to protect intellectual property.

  • HotDocs Cloud Services scales to provide the document assembly capacity you need

Cloud Services can scale up or down as demand increases or decreases, and can be configured to address the document generation capacity requirements of anyone from small businesses to large enterprises or other organizations.

Who Uses HotDocs Cloud Services?

Subscribers to Cloud Services will typically fall into these categories:

  • Enterprises (small or large) who want access to server-based document generation features without the up-front costs or administration requirements associated with HotDocs Server. Such enterprises can install an out-of-the-box "HotDocs host application", as a gateway to the functionality provided by HotDocs Cloud Services. Alternately, they can choose to write or customize another intranet application as a host application to interface with Cloud Services.
  • Web application developers that wish to offer HotDocs interviews and document assembly features, adjunct to or as part of their core functionality. In this case the web app that integrates with Cloud Services may be a multi-tenant SaaS application, often tailored to the needs of a specific vertical market, with enterprise customers of its own. For example, HotDocs Limited utilizes Cloud Services as the engine behind its HotDocs Document Services product.
  • Publishers that wish to make their HotDocs-based content available directly to their users from their own web site.