HotDocs Cloud Services Release Notes

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Table of Contents

  1. About Cloud Services Release Notes
  2. End User Concerns
  3. New Features and Enhancements

About Cloud Services Release Notes

HotDocs Cloud Services enables global access to functionality previously available only through HotDocs Server. HotDocs Server and HotDocs Cloud Services functionality overlaps in two areas:

Browser Interview functionality also appears in the Test in Browser feature of HotDocs Developer.

HotDocs Cloud Services specific API and integration feature enhancements and bug fixes appear only in these release notes. Due to the nature of the Cloud, HotDocs Cloud Services releases are uploaded as needed; there are no announced releases. Therefore, you should check this page as often as you think necessary for new features and software issue fixes.

End User Alerts

Enhancements to browser interview functionality impact your end users most. The same is true of software issues that affect your end users' experience with your templates and interviews. We annotate both improvements and concerns here (except bug fixes, which are annotated in the appropriate Readme or Release Notes file), so that you can alert your customers to the enhancements and issues that affect their user experience.


Browser Behavior

Mouse Wheel Scrolling Issue

When constructing Silverlight interview dialogs long enough to grow scroll bars, be aware that users of browsers other than Internet Explorer (for example: FireFox, Chrome, and all Macintosh browsers) cannot use their mouse wheel to scroll. Mouse wheel events from browsers using the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) are not recognized by the Silverlight windowless mode used by HotDocs to support pop ups. Users of these browsers must scroll using their scroll bars, not their mouse wheels. For more information, see

Silverlight Support
  • On Windows, Silverlight is supported on Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome.
  • On Macintosh systems, Silverlight is supported only on Safari : to use Safari to view Silverlight interviews, you need to change a setting in your preferences. Navigate to Safari> Preferences> Advanced; then deselect Stop plug-ins to save power.
Watermarks disappearing

Text watermarks do not work with any browser-based services (such as HotDocs Server or HotDocs Cloud Services). To adapt your watermark for browser-based deployments, turn your text watermark into an image; then use Microsoft Word's picture watermark feature instead of a text watermark.

Issue with having a multiple choice option containing quotation marks fixed

You can now use the "Automatically select this option if variable is unanswered when displayed" option on a multiple choice option containing quotation marks.

New Features and Enhancements

The following HotDocs Cloud Services incremental releases contain new features and enhancements:

Release Number (Release Month/Day/Year)

  • In a JavaScript interview where you are editing a row on a Spreadsheet dialog, clicking the Finish button now closes the row editor dialog box, as expected (LH-426)
  • When saving an RTF template after assembly, if there is an I/O conflict that causes the save to fail, the error message now provides more detailed information about the error to enable better diagnosis
  • For a template where punctuation dot codes surround a field with double opening ("escaped") chevrons, HotDocs now properly converts the double opening chevrons to single opening chevrons, and retains the field contents and the closing chevrons, as expected (#LH-389)


  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version

1.0.6943.28378 (01/08/2019)

  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version

1.0.6674.21982 (04/10/2018)

  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version

1.0.6514.18977 (11/03/2017)

  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version

1.0.6430.18016 (08/09/2017)

  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version

1.0.6284.17764 (03/27/2017)

  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version
  • You can now use HotDocs Cloud Services interview runtime files without serving the files from your own domain (SOL-2351)

1.0.6108.20800 (09/21/2016)

  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version

1.0.6003.25364 (06/29/2016)

  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version

1.0.5969.24104 (05/16/2016)

  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version

1.0.5927.18277 (03/31/2016)

  • HotDocs Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version

Performance Issue Resolved

Formerly, some DOCX templates relying on multilevel numbering styles displayed time out errors during document generation if:

  • Those numbering styles used certain symbol characters from the private use range of the Unicode standard
  • The template developer selected the “Update table of contents, references, fields, etc” option on the HotDocs Server tab of the Component File Properties dialog
  • The calling application requested PDF output

Such templates now work as expected.


  • New RetrieveFromHub API parameter enables Cloud Services to retrieve templates from HotDocs Hub


  • Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version
  • Multiple documents generated from a single template in an embedded interview session now have unique filenames
  • New GetInterviewFile endpoint added; allows files to be retrieved from Template Package (.hdpkg) files uploaded to Cloud Services (this removes the need to cache all the interview files in your Host Application when using GetInterview)
  • New encodeFileNames parameter added to GetInterview and AssembleDocument methods; allows developers to control filename encoding of files returned from Cloud Services
  • For some templates, selecting the “Update table of contents, references, fields, etc” option in the Component File Properties caused the assembly process to stop; an updated version of the HotDocs assembly components now enables HotDocs to assemble final documents as expected (#1050)


  • Cloud Services now uses HotDocs Server version
  • Additional logging information for HMAC parameter validation added to the Cloud Services Administrative Portal (US, EU).



  • The HotDocs Embedded Disposition dialog now has an improved look and feel (improved hdsystem.css) and improved localization features (#5652)
  • HotDocs now properly processes a Submit button click on an interview you accessed from a copied template link (i.e., a blank dialog no longer appears) (#5924)
  • Running a packages published from Developer 10 now works as expected (HotDocs no longer throws an invalid signature error) (#6006)
  • Assembling an embedded interview in Silverlight now downloads the compiled template as expected (#6007)
  • A template with an ampersand (&) in the file name now opens in direct interviews as expected (#7290)


  • Support for previewing documents in embedded interviews
  • ResumeSession REST calls no longer require a trailing slash in the URL


  • Multi-byte characters in embedded interviews no longer causing "unterminated string" error (serialized state no longer truncates) (5703)