Limiting the Number of Answers Allowed for a Repeated Dialog

At times, you may want users to enter only a specific number of answers in a list. You can use the LIMIT instruction to limit the number of times HotDocs repeats a dialog.

To limit the number of answers that a user can enter

  1. Open the repeated dialog for editing.
  2. Click the Script tab. The window changes to show scripting options.
  3. Drag LIMIT NUM from the Instruction models list into the Script field.
  4. Replace the NUM placeholder with the maximum number of answers you want the user to enter.

You can let the user change the limit each time HotDocs assembles the document. To do this, replace NUM with a Number variable. Make sure the user answers the Number variable before HotDocs processes the REPEAT instruction.

To control the number of viewable rows in a spreadsheet (but still allow users to enter as many answers as they need), enter the number in the Rows to display field. (Make sure you select Spreadsheet  as the Style.)