Making a List Appear as one or More Columns

Sometimes it makes more sense to have your list of answers appear in columns, rather than in a punctuated sentence. If you want to make the list appear in a column, include a hard return after the text in the REPEAT instruction.

For example, the following script, inserted directly in the template:

«REPEAT Children’s Names»

«Name of Child»


would result in a list like this:





If there are two or more variables in the REPEAT instruction, you can separate them with tabs so they appear in multiple columns. The following script:

«REPEAT Children’s Information»

«Name of Child»       «Age of Child»


would create a list like this:

Sarah       14

Jackson     11

Madi         7

Adam         2

By default, when HotDocs inserts a REPEAT instruction in the template, it includes a return character (similar to a paragraph mark in a word processor) after the instruction. During assembly, as the instruction is processed and removed from the assembled document, this return character is likewise removed. Depending on several factors, you may prefer to keep HotDocs from adding this character, or you may want to add a return character only under certain situations. You can specify an option that controls this. See also, Understand How Smart Returns are Inserted After Instructions.