Test a Custom Dialog

You can test a custom dialog to see how the dialog contents will appear during an interview, including any scripting you may have assigned. When you test assemble a dialog, HotDocs displays a test assembly window so you can see the dialog exactly as the user will see it.

To test a custom dialog

  1. Edit the dialog you want to test. (See Edit a Custom Dialog.)
  2. At the dialog, click Test. HotDocs opens a test assembly window, which shows the different components of the dialog you are editing.
  3. Make sure variable prompts, dialog elements, and check boxes appear correctly.
  4. Optionally, select the dialog icon in the interview outline and click the Edit Component button in the assembly window toolbar. The Dialog Editor comes to the front so you can make changes. Click Update to update the window. To permanently save changes, click OK at the Dialog Editor. (See Simultaneously Edit a Template and Test Assemble a Document.)
  5. If you've created a dialog script, type information in the answer fields to make sure the script is updating the dialog correctly.

You can save your test answers in a test answer file. See Use a Test Answer File.

You can have HotDocs arrange the test assembly window with other open windows. Adjust the height of the test assembly window and then click the Arrange button.