Add Notes to Components

As you create components, you may want to include notes about the component. For example, maybe you need to include information about restrictions you applied to a Number variable, or maybe you need to explain the purpose of the variable or dialog or how it should be used in the template. To do this, you can add a note to the component. You add notes at the Notes tab of the component editor. Notes can be viewed by anyone editing the component.

You can add a comment to a variable field or instruction field so it can be visible by anyone editing the template text. See Add a Comment to a Variable or Instruction Field for details.

To add development notes to a component editor

  1. Edit the component. (See Edit a Variable or Edit a Custom Dialog.) The component editor appears.
  2. Click the Notes tab. The view changes to show a multi-line text field.
  3. Enter the notes you want associated with the component.