URL Rewrite Module for IIS

Note: the URL Rewrite Module for IIS is required for on-premise Hub installations.

The URL Rewrite module is an extension for IIS that enables administrators to rewrite URLs and create custom response messages.

Usage in Hub

Hub serves certain static content – such as CSS and JavaScript files – from IIS. Typically, when static files are served to a client, the response message includes headers that contain information about the server sending the request. For example, the version of IIS, the ASP.Net version, and so on. To prevent disclosing this information about the server, Hub uses the URL Rewrite module to remove certain headers from the response message.

Download and installation

See https://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/url-rewrite for download and installation instructions.

There is no additional configuration required for Hub or IIS once the extension is installed.



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