Adding Authorization credentials to the Upload Plugin

You must configure the upload plugin to use your upload authorization 'secret' credential before templates may be uploaded to the HotDocs Hub. The same secret is used by all users in your organization able to upload templates from HotDocs Developer to the Hub.

The authorization secret required by the Upload Plugin is set by the HotDocs Hub installer.


If you are uploading a template to a new installation of Hub, you should first change the client secret for Hub.

To add your Authorization credentials to the Upload Plugin

  1. Open HotDocs Developer.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Options.
  3. Navigate to Plugins.
  4. Select UploadPlugin.HDHubPlugin from the Plugins list.
  5. Click Preferences.
  6. Navigate to the Security tab.
  7. Select the configuration for your tenancy from the Configuration drop-down menu.
  8. Select Edit Security Settings.
  9. Enter your client secret in the Application Secret field; you set the client secret after you first install HotDocs Hub.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click Close.

Next Steps

See Uploading a Template from HotDocs Developer for information about using and configuring the plugin.


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