Getting Started with the HotDocs Hub

There are several required to set up the HotDocs Hub environment before users can login and interact with HotDocs resources. It is recommended you perform the following steps in order.

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1. Access HotDocs Hub

  1. Open the HotDocs Hub User Interface
  2. Log in to HotDocs Hub UI

2. Provision Users

  1. Create user groups – create groups for organizing users
  2. Create users – create individual user accounts

3. Upload and Organize Templates

  1. Create template groups – create groups for organizing templates
  2. Upload templates – upload templates to the Hub; templates are assigned to groups during the upload process
  3. Viewing the Templates List – view and interact with the templates uploaded to Hub

Next Steps

  • Create a new work item – create a new work item to assemble a completed document, using a HotDocs template

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