HotDocs Server 11.3

Release (24 March 2021)

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Important Announcements:

Server Interfaces

  1. The default server interface is now 11.3 (it was previously 11.1) - the specification of the interface has not changed.
  2. The legacy LexisNexis interfaces are no longer installed in their original location (sub-folders of the CommonBin folder).

    If these interfaces are still required they can be found in the file in the parent folder,
    although we would strongly encourage upgrading to the latest or newer interface as these interfaces are no longer supported.


  1. The version of ASP.NET that is configured has been changed from v2 (v2.0.50727) to v4 (v4.0.30319).

Previous Versions

The Readme for previous versions of HotDocs Server is available.