HotDocs Server Help File Overview

This Help file contains information you need to learn about, install, and manage an instance of HotDocs Server. It also contains information about designing and implementing a Web site (host application) that uses HotDocs Server APIs to perform tasks like collecting information from users or assembling documents. For each API, you will find descriptions of its objects, methods, properties, and events, as well as example source code to illustrate how you can use that API in your application.

Organization of the Help File

Content within the help file is categorized into several areas:

  1. About HotDocs Server: Conceptual information about the HotDocs family of products and the role HotDocs Server plays.
  2. Managing HotDocs Server: Find information on installing HotDocs Server and using the Management Console.
  3. Developing a Host Application: Find information on HotDocs Server host applications and the use of HotDocs Server APIs.
  4. Integrating with HotDocs: Find information on integrating with HotDocs via APIs:
    • .NET API: A reference guide to the .NET APIs, arranged by class.
    • COM API: A reference guide to the COM APIs, arranged by class.
    • JavaScript API: A reference guide to the JavaScript API.

Find Topics in the Help File

To use the help file, you have several options:

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  • Enter a search term or phrase in the Search box and click Search to view topics that contain your search phrase. If the search phrase is found, a Search Results page is displayed, showing the different topics, grouped by category, that meet your criteria.

See Form a Help Search Query for detailed instructions on creating a search query.

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