Editing the Site Settings

You make changes which apply at a tenancy level from the Site settings page.

For example, you use the site settings page to set whether work items are shared by default in your tenancy.

Site Settings

You can edit the following site settings:

Template Settings

  • Template Approval

Templates must have a live version before users can assemble documents. This setting enables you to set whether new template versions are automatically made live on upload, or must be made live by an administrator.

Work Item Settings

  • Work Item Sharing

By default, new work items in Advance are set to be visible only to the work item owner and administrators. You edit this setting to enable new work items to be shared with members of the work group by default.

  • Answer Files

When a user completes an interview, Advance generates an XML answer file of variable data. This setting enables you to choose whether to allow users to download answer files from Advance.

  • Answer Overlay

You use this setting to allow users to overlay answers from other work items into their work items.

  • Previous Versions

Advance stores previous versions of work items. If this setting is enabled, users can view previous versions and download the documents for that version.

Client Interview Settings

  • Client Interviews

You use this setting to make client interviews available for users. If this setting is not visible, your Root Administrator has not enabled client interviews for your site.

  • Authentication Options for Client Interviews

You use this setting to enable authentication for client interviews. You can select passphrase authentication, SMS code authentication, both or neither.

  • Interview Expiry Time

Interview links expire a number of hours after the last access; the default is 96 hours. You use this setting to change the interview expiry time.

To edit the site settings

You must have a Site Administrator role to edit site settings.

  1. In the Administration section, click Site settingsSite settings.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Open InterviewEdit settings.
  3. Check the boxes to enable or disable the features as appropriate.
  4. Click Save changes.