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Overlaying Answers

You can overlay answers from an existing work item over answers in the current opened interview.


You can only overlay answers if a Site Administrator has enabled this feature.

You can overlay answers from a work item:

  • in the same work group,
  • for which you have permissions,
  • with matching variable names and structure.

To overlay answers

  1. In the current opened interview, click the interview menu.
  2. From the drop down menu, select Overlay answers.
  3. Scroll through the table to select the work item whose data you want to overlay.
  4. Click Overlay.
  5. Click Confirm overlay.

Advance overlays the relevant answers into your interview. You can now continue with the interview, or assemble a document.

Repeat the process to overlay data from multiple work items.

When overlaying multiple answer sets, pay attention to the order you overlay answers in. If the same variables are used in multiple work items, Advance uses the last overlaid answers in the interview.