Template Link Query String Parameters

When you copy a template link from Advance, you can add query string parameters to the copied URL. These parameters enable you to pass additional information to Advance from the template link.

For example, you can use the workitemname parameter to set a default name for the work item created when a user opens the template link.

Query String Parameters

The following parameters are available to add to your template link URL. See Customizing a Template Link Query String for more information.

Parameter Name Type Required Description Example
workgroupid Guid No The ID of the work group to which Advance adds the new work item.  workgroupid=a8af0513-9bfb-4821-9fb3-67f299f01053
workitemname String No The default name for the work item you want to create. The maximum length of the work item name is 64 characters. workitemname=Commercial%20Lease
linkdata String No Any string value. The value is passed to the interview and compatible webhooks you have configured in Advance. See Passing Linked Data in a Template Link Query String for more information. linkdata=a853509c-850a-467a-8120-3b46e378a01b
bypasscreatedialog Boolean No The default value is false. If set to true, automatically bypass the Create New Work Item dialog when a user opens the template link. This requires that you have also supplied a value for the workgroupid parameter. bypasscreatedialog=true