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Template Management Overview

The Manage templates section of HotDocs Advance enables you to activate, choose a live version and manage versions of your uploaded templates.


Subsequent uploads after the first upload of a template to the HotDocs Advance create a new version of the template. Versions are a history of uploaded copies of a template. There is a list of all versions of a template on the Template details pane.

To allow users to assemble documents, your template must be activated and have a live version. overridden this setting

Using the Manage templates feature of Advance, you can:

  • Make a template live
  • Activate and deactivate templates
  • View a history of template versions

You must have the Site Administrator, Content Administrator or Author role to manage templates

 Template Version Icons

The live version of a template is the version which template users can assemble. Only one version of a template can be live. The live version of a template might not be the latest version of the template uploaded. HotDocs Advance uses a set of icons to indicate live versions of a template.
In the Templates list, icons beside the template name show the following statuses:

  •  No live versionSolid orange dot – a new template has no live version.
  • New version Orange ring - a template has a new version available that has not been made live.

If there is no icon beside the template name, the latest version of the template is live.

Count of Work Items that use a Template

You can see a total count of the work items that use each template in the Work items column of the templates list.

Common Tasks

Among others, the template management feature enables you to perform the following common tasks:


You upload your template and choose a live version. You then assign the template to a work group or a quick documents group. If you upload a new version of your template, older versions are stored as a reference.

If you need to stop using the template, you can deactivate it.

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