Editing an Action Link

You can edit an action link by clicking Manage Action Links in the Administration section of the Advance navigation pane.

You must have a Site Administrator or Content Administrator role to edit an Action Link.

To edit an action link

By default the Action Link Permissions list only shows selected items. Deselect Show selected only to show all available items.

  1. In the Administration section, click paper plane icon Manage Action Links.
  2. From the list of Action Links, select the Action Link you want to edit.
  3. In the Details pane, click ResumeEdit
  4. You can edit the following action link details:
      • Name — the name of the action link.
      • URL — the full URL of your web application endpoint.
      • Action link active — select the Action link active checkbox to set the state to active (default); inactive action links are not displayed to the user.
      • Access — select where the action link will be available:
        • In Interviews - the action link will be displayed in the interview.
        • On the work item details pane - the action link will be displayed in the work item details pane.
          • Label - the text displayed on the button.
      • Permissions — the work groups that can display the action link.
  5. Click Save.

The details of the action link are now updated.