HotDocs Advance Site Settings Files

Site settings files are JSON files that contain the settings for the individual sites in your deployed HotDocs Advance instance.


There are four (optionally five) applications that comprise Advance. These applications are:

  • HdaAuth – user authentication and authorization
  • HdaRoot – logic and data management
  • HdaApi – exposes Advance functionality to the UI
  • HdaUi – the user interface application
  • (Optional) HdaClientInterviews - the application which hosts client interviews

Each application has its own individual settings file, referred to as the site settings file.

Using the Advance installer, you can generate, download, and upload site settings files to your deployed Advance instance. This enables you to backup, modify, and re-deploy your site settings as required.

To change a setting

For example, suppose you have an existing deployment of Advance. If you want to change a setting (e.g. change the URL for the HotDocs Core Assembly Service) you can:

  1. Download the site settings for the existing instance, using the download command; you can then backup these files.
  2. Edit the installation configuration settings site settings files in a text editor.
  3. Re-generate the site settings files from the installation configuration settings file, using the generate command.
  4. Re-upload the site settings to your Advance instance, using the upload command.

Common Tasks

Common Reference Topics

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