Interview Overview

An interview is a series of interactive dialogs used to gather data from your users. Advance uses the data gathered to produce new, customized documents. For example, when users create a new work item, they enter data into an interview. Once they finish the interview, Advance uses the data they provide to create new, customized documents that the user can then download.


Advance uses interviews to gather data from users, then uses that data to produce a new, customized document.

When a user creates a work item or quick document, Advance displays an interview. The interview is a series of interactive dialogs, containing question fields. Advance generates the interview using the selected template for the work item or quick document. The user types data into the interview. Once they are finished entering data and complete the interview, Advance processes the data from the interview – along with the template – to produce a customized document. The user can then download this new document.

Common Tasks

Among others, you will encounter interviews when you perform the following common tasks:


An interview opens immediately when you create a new work item. When you finish an interview, you can download the documents created by Advance using the data you provided. For existing work items, you can re-launch the interview, to update your answers and generate an updated document.

You will also encounter an interview when you create a new quick document.