Viewing a Report of Template Usage

You can create a template usage report showing which templates your users are using and how frequently they are being used. For example, you use this report if you want to see how many work items have been based on a particular template.

You must have the Site Administrator role to view template reports.


You can download a report from Advance showing the following information:

Column title Description
Template ID The unique identifier for the template. You can also view the template identifier from Workspace Explorer in HotDocs Author.
Template name The name of the template.
Work items The total number of work items based on this template.
Total assemblies The total number of assemblies based on this template.
Total documents The total number of documents assembled based on this template.

To view reports for your tenancy

  1. In the Administration section, click  Reports.
  2. Select Template usage report.
  3. Click Manage templates Generate to download the report.

The report is downloaded in CSV format. You can open the downloaded report file using an application on your own computer. For example, using a spreadsheet application.

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